Bombón: El Perro

El perro is a neo-realist movie about a man and a dog named Bombón.
Set in Patagonia, an unemployed man has his luck change after being given a Dogo Argentino dog for helping a stranded woman on the highway.



The legendary dogo who defeated a puma to save the children

Morocho's Story:
A few months ago, Ulises ( THE GRAND SON OF DR. NORES MARTINES - THE CREATOR) decided to go to La Cocha to do some chores.

His idea was to go and return the same day, so she took his older daughter, Sofía, who is 10. Travel was uneventful.

Once in the estancia, Ulises started doing some work with Tomás, the foreman. Sofía and Yoli, Tomás's daughter, asked permission to go to a giant fig tree, distant 700 yards from the main house, to pick and eat some figs.

They ran away. Yoli is much faster and limber than Sofía, so she reached the tree first. She started climbing the lower branches while the latter approached the tree.

When Yoli was about 7 feet from the ground, she started hearing noises up on the tree, like branches tweaking and leaves moving. She looked up, and saw a BIG puma jumping down the upper branches. The animal hit the kid with a paw and Yoli went all the way down, falling flatly on her back from 2 meters high. The cougar fell on his feet, roaring and looking at Sofía, Ulises's daughter, who had just made it to the tree. Probably looking to get the hell out of there, the puma jumped in Sofía's direction.

Neither of both kids were aware that Morocho, one of Ulises's top dogo, had been following them playfully, tail wagging, as he almost always does when they treat through the estancia.

The puma was in the air when Morocho jumped into the scene and grabed him by the throat. Both animals locked in a deadly embrace and all hell broke loose. The kids started to scream; Ulises told me "the first thing I thought was a poisonous snake"; told Tomás to run uphill while he himself circled towards the tree in his truck.

Tomás reached the place first; Morocho had the cougar pinned down. He knelt, took out his knife, and killed it.

Yoli was full of bruises and got a hit from the puma's paw but was otherwise not seriously wounded. Sofía was petrified in terror, but not harmed. Morocho was scarred and bruised.

It turned out to be the puma who had killed several of Ulises's brother's colts the previous spring. They had searched for him up and down in the mountains, and never found it. They never thought possible that the animal could be so near the house.

Morocho, who defeated a puma and saved the kids is a legend in his own time.


A dog of a widespread fame 

Birth: 2000-01-15
Died in 2007 of piroplasmosis ( tick infection)



Birth: 1998-09-15

Titles: WORLD Winner 2001
Champion Argentina
GRAND Champion Argentina
Latino Champion


Birth: 1997-02-11

Titles: World Winner 2000



  1. Bunch of total bullshit.
    There is no proof one of the mutts ever took down a puma.

  2. i found the angry cat-lover.

  3. I am argentinian and this is a true story!!!! This new was all over the world!!!